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Trust your struggle, contain yourself and remember, self is usually the best motivation and a good place to start so do you. Life is not and will not always be rosy and certain people will always strive to knock you down, let them, you can’t stop them. But you can control how you react to their crazy innuendos. Be conscious of your actions and behavior and the messages you give off, make sure they align with who you aspire to be, not what’s in right now because double standards benefit no one and karma is a double sided mirror looking you right in the face. Don’t be that girl or guy.

Focus on you and all that needs to be done by you to get you to your next level. Because what is due tomorrow cannot be done tomorrow, don’t waste time sticking it out, get it done. Your struggle is your gift, don’t fight the process, it’s your lesson so invest in yourself first. Don’t lose yourself in the process of valuing the next person. Always stay true to what you believe in and who you are. If people don’t want to be in your life, let them be, there is no parable in the bible that states that you need A B and C to prosper in life?! Haaaaska! We become the company we keep, so make wise choices to keep in your life Souls that reflect that which you yearn to aspire to before you expire. Don’t look into people’s pots, look into yours. Some doors are meant to be Exit Only don’t confuse them with entry doors. Love yourself enough to know that anything that is meant for you will never miss you. Don’t run or chase people or situations. Allow the natural flow of nature to guide your steps and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise ask, awunyi perhaps?

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2 thoughts on “Note-to-self…

  1. lindiwe siluma on said:

    thank you for such powerful words. Its what i needed to hear

  2. You just keep me going. I never valued myself and never saw myself as one of the best but this right here. Wow now my wish is to meet up with you

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