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To YOU from Me

Look. My aim for this season in my life is not concerned on who reads this blog, it really is not. I am more concerned on getting my message across to whomever feels it touches that place between heart and stomach. I don’t mean to come across as big headed and ‘oh yeah’ I got this and I don’t need you. because I do somehow. However, my aim is to spread these simple words… my words. And as I freeze my fingers while I type this post, I’m reminded that I am not getting paid to share my thoughts but I do. So while I watch my dear husband lay besides me enjoying every bit of his deep sleep as I should be. I burn to share my simple thoughts as follows…

#BeTrueToYou! ALL that happens to you against your will is NOT ABOUT YOU! Find peace. May all that you wish for yourself be bestowed upon YOU always! Never wish ill intent to the next for Karma will be the bitch you once were…

May you walk this earth and forever find CLARITY in all that you do.

SPREAD LOVE and beYOUtiful for we all are…

YOU are LOVED never forget that.




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2 thoughts on “To YOU from Me

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  2. A reminder I needed. Thank you

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