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Unbreakable Soul

I might be at the end of my rope

But I am tying a knot and I’m holding on.

This plane crash-landed and you have no life vest.

If life’s intension was to spiritually break me?

It forgot one simple FACT

My blood type is B POSITIVE!


I did not spend nine months in your womb

To be cursed by the weak

Overpowered by the powerless

Preyed upon by the sinner

Or be told I’m unworthy, ugly or dirty

Not yesterday. Not today. Not ever.


My ability is beyond capable

Though my skin be bruised

Eyes shut closed

And vision blurred.

My Soul is not dented.

My pride stands tall

And carries with it MY NAME.


YOU taught me to be unbreakable

Now YOU wonder why even YOU

Cannot shatter me?

Baby I will fearlessly fuck misfortune into opportunity.

Next time you separate the egg yolk from the egg white

Think of you and I.


Today, as I wake

I walk on Holy ground

For I am not who you wanted me to be

Nor am I who I was.

My destiny can no be deceived

By the knowledge I used to believe -> YOU!

For I was born to ‘Succeed’ remember???


You see this hole?

This hole right here?

That is where my heart used to be

Before your indecency ripped it out.


You see these marks on my back?

These marks are all that’s left

After I pulled out the knives you used to stab me in the back with.


You see this look on my face?

This look right here?

Should serve as a reminder

That YOU will NEVER Victimise me

Nor date rape my truth ever again.


The humility in my forgiving Soul

Is to remind you that

I am walking on Holy ground

For I am a protected child

Verified and Certified by God

And therefore ALL is forgiven 😉



When happiness leaves, Peace begins….. Love and Light!


With Love, from the LOVED one!


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2 thoughts on “Unbreakable Soul

  1. pkslungile@gmail.com on said:

    Stay strong dnt gve up hold on to tht tied knot ull pull through dertrmined plp prosper n make it out strong

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. glodean on said:

    I am speechless! A breath taking piece, so heart breaking transparent and honest.

    I commend you!

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