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My Love Personified

I cannot promise to ease your pain

I cannot promise never to hurt you

I cannot be your sunshine, it’s not within my power

I cannot be your happiness only you can achieve that

I cannot promise to love you past your pain and insecurities, I can only ease that

I can help you to let go of what was or how it was supposed to be

I can promise to let you see what is possible in what you missed

Let you feel delight when I stroke you…

Caress you with wonder while I take you to places where neither of us can escape

Exude in you emotions only silent love songs can accomplish

Turn you on with my exotic demeanor

Steal your heart and stay where I do not belong

Until it beats as one in love

We can do what bunnies do, if you know what I mean…

Even though you might be a tad bit bruised

My needle and thread can sew you back to form

While our love pay the bills

When we spend time alone

Because I love the way you take me as I am

Open me up, you will see…

A galaxy of broken parts

Which create beautiful art, so magnificent

Powerful enough to make your heart skip a beat

As you realize I’m the one you meet up with in your dreams

And vow to never let our love disrupt nor interrupt us

Knowing that the woman I am

Will love you when you are right

Love you when you are wrong

Love you when you are high

Most of all,

love you at your worst


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2 thoughts on “My Love Personified

  1. Ths Is so beautfl my frnd ,well ungu sisi kimi tho lol

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