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Pet peeves

what are Pet peeves (or Pet hates)? These are actions others do, that irritate you. these could be irrational and may not even annoy the next person. different strokes for different folks.

I am not a fussy person, in fact I am easy-going and fun to have around (that is when I am not PMS’ing). I am generally a friendly person and for the most part I have a flexible accommodative personality and I do not have MPD (multiple personality disorder.)

There are a few things that irritate me though, Well actually, they drive me nuts! If  I would react to each one, that would guarantee me a permanent room in a psychiatric institute dressed in a white jacket with my arms wrapped tightly around my chest *involuntarily* and then sedated with one of those elephant tranquilizers. 

So however much these peeves may work on my nerves, I try to either ignore them or keep my cool as I would not want my family pulling up to my new asylum home.

I have put together a *tiny* list of  some of my pet peeves for you to browse through, here you go:

  • When someone walks very slow in front of me and people who drag their feet… even worse if they block my way. 
  • People that chew gum like cows and then blow loud multiple popping  gum-bubbles…
  • People who cough without covering their mouths… If I wanted your germs, I would live inside your mouth dammit!
  • People who sluuuurp a finished drink… That makes me want to smack the glass,cup,mug *whatever* out of your grip!
  • Watching a Lady scratch her *cookie* in public… That is Ewu, unladylike, inappropriate and makes me think you have lice or other nasty things growing in there!
  •  People that smoke around children… If you want to kill yourself then fine, here is a razor. But leave the kids out of it!
  • Small talk with strangers… What is there to say after hello and how are you?
  • People that clip their nails in public… That is Nasty Activity Period!
  • Dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen sink… really? really?
  • People that PING me on BBM or those that POKE me on Facebook… STOP IT!
  • Picky eaters… I don’t eat this, I don’t eat that. then STAY AT HOME!!!
  • People who blow their nose in public using their fingers… *pukes in mouth*
  • someone standing over my shoulders, reading whatever it is I am reading… Makes me want to punch you in the face!
  • People who walk their dogs in public and don’t clean up their poop… Am I only one who suffers from Coprophobia? and No, I did not say Coprophilia! 😉
  • people who nag  and whine… funny how that rhymes with  ->Swine <- 😉
  • The same person asking me the same question over and over… Don’t you pay attention when I speak. turn off 101!
  • People who read out loud…
  • Noisy eaters… I went into a local restaurant in China, lets just say… I immediately walked out!
  • People with bad table manners…
  • People who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom… YUK!
  • Men who wear gold rope chains and bracelets… NOT in my world please. thank you!
  • People who click pens continuously… click in, click out, click in, click out…AAARRRGG!
  • When a friend calls my parents by their first names (especially my DAD)… WHAT?
  • People with no manners… Please, Thank you, Sorry, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening etc are NB in my world.
  • Premature ejaculation… what do you think this is a game? that is just selfish!!! SMH
  • Selfish people… like the ones *above*
  • Toothpaste dribbles in the sink after brushing your teeth… *pukes in mouth*
  • Passive aggressive people as well as people who don’t communicate… *speak to my hand*
  • People who sponge off other… GET a damn J-O-B!
  • negative people… These people drain the life out of me.
  • “Where are you”question that come with a touch of intimidation… What? are you my keeper?
  • People with bad breath…
  • People who spray saliva on my face when they talk… Ewu and wiping it feels Ewu’er!
  • Clingy people…
  • People that take their anger and frustrations out on others…
  • Taking things for granted… (I am guilty)
  • People who need constant drama in their lives… whats up with that?
  • People with bad body odour… This is enough to induce a thyroid malfunction!
  • People who call ONLY when they need something… Forget you then!

Ok I’ll stop now, before I inject myself with that elephant tranquilizer.


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