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Facebook Etiquette

Social networks can enrich ones social life, especially for those separated from family and friends by long distances and only have networks such as Facebook to stay in touch despite the obvious physical separation. Or they can destroy flourished friendships and irreparable damage to ones life by a silly post, tag or status update.

If you think about it, we are kinda spoilt for choice when it comes to the availability of various Social networking sites at our disposal, that I fear it is negatively affecting our ability to communicate with each other and our face to face conversations are rapidly being replaced by the likes of MySpace, twitter, WhatsApp, Gays.com, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Monster, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook etc.

It is also scary and funny how Facebook can negatively affect relationships, by one silly gesture of changing ones relationship status from ‘engaged’ to ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘single’ (even worse if that is how you found out that the relationship is no more *ouch*) or being ‘tagged’ in pictures that in my opinion should not be on Facebook AT ALL! We all know what pictures I am talking about. 😉

These days depending on your lifestyle EVERYBODY is affiliated with one or the other social networks on the market, be it for Career building, business reasons or just to catch up with you kindergarten teacher. And since more and more people are joining Facebook (except for my darling husband-I have given up trying to get him to join the world of the living, its pointless really) I thought why not share the 10 Commandments of Facebook, because we think we can blame all the negative things said about Facebook when the fact remains that we are the ones to blame, we are the ones using Facebook not the other way around.

So to make sure our overall Facebook usage continues to be a pleasant one, here are the 10 Commandments of Facebook…


10. Thou shall not… Have faceless Facebook profile picture.
Facebook profile pictures must be mandatory when signing up, I think! Plus, having a faceless profile picture is creepy, makes me wonder if you are who you say you are before I ‘accept’ you into my world. If you are not a CID or a sniper, you have no excuse!

9. Thou shall not… Have Facebook and never communicate with others.
What is the point really? There should be a multiple choice questioner creating a Facebook account and should read;
What is your sole purpose for using Facebook?
A) to communicate and catch up with old friends
B) To make new friends
C) To spy on others lives and update everyone else cares to listen
D) Both A and D
Those who chose C must be denied access… Finish en klaar!

8. Thou shall not… Post or tag friends in creepy, naked or incriminating photos.
This is what your dusty photo album or scrapbook that you keep hidden is for, not the Internet. Because prospective employers are increasingly looking at Facebook pages.

7. Thou shall not… Poke, super poke, any kind of Poke!
Really? Really? Hello how are you doing? Maybe?

6. Thou shall not… Stalk your Ex boyfriend or girlfriend.
Besides it being unhealthy for your soul, it is not healthy Period!

5. Thou Shall not… Update us with lies!
We are adults here, well most of us are anyway. We all know that life is not Bliss 24/7/365. Status updates that read; ‘Life is good!’ I can relate BUT ‘Life is perfect’??? Come on… who are you fooling?

4.Thou shall not… Use ‘Like’ inappropriately.
Come now, this is common sense and goes without coaching! If somebody post a sad status update e.g. ‘My dog died this morning’ and you ‘like’ – this makes you a senseless person.
Oh and ‘liking’ your own status updates is considered inappropriate too.

3. Thou shall not… Ignore Facebook mail.
When someone sends you an email, ignoring it is pathetic and shows lack of respect to the other person In my opinion. We all know that when you receive a Facebook mail, notification is automatically sent to your private email linked with Facebook. If you are busy, at least tell the person, and mention that you will get back to them on the soonest or whatever gibberish you cook up, it is better that nothing.

2. Thou shall not… Update your status if you have nothing to say.
Because then you start telling us things like; ‘I am bored, I just ate a burger, I need to fart..’ and all sorts of things we can do without.

1. Thou shall not… Befriend your friends partner without notifying your friend first.
This for me needs no explanation! Get permission first!

***Bonus** Thou shall not… complain about my being on Facebook everyday! 😉

These are just a few of the thing that annoy me on FB. I am sure you have yours too, Do share!

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One thought on “Facebook Etiquette

  1. wa mpolaya mpumi but my worst ke go fereya ke somebody o re ke friend. it is irritating bcos if i say im single doesnt mean im looking for love

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